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Online gambling – legality

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Law and Legislative, Online Gambling |

It is well understood that, even though the internet is a fully global phenomenon, there is no absolute, planetary authority which would be in jurisdiction of the whole World Wide Web. Therefore, every country has its own set of rules which govern this particular area, or, they choose to leave this area unattended. There are all kinds of legal and regulatory issues which can derive from online gambling and the governments of countries all over the world solve (or choose to leave these questions unregulated) these problems in different ways. It is wise, before endeavoring into online gambling adventures, to check your local laws and see whether the activities you are about to undertake are legal or not.

legal-gambling-and-the-law-300x197Some countries and regions have specific legislative and control bodies whose sole purpose is to regulate and license firms who run such businesses, whether as classic  (“brick and mortar” as they are known) or, nowadays popular, online gambling web-sites. There is usually, within a region, a country or a state, an organization which is responsible for licenses and their control and regulation.

Online gambling sites are, therefore, required to operate under strict conditions regulated by licensing authorities and, of course, with a proper gaming license. Gambling sites, however, operate on a world-wide basis, with their clients being from all over the world.

Yet, the operator of the business has to base its operations (or at least a part of it) on a single jurisdiction, under the control of one regulative body, and this jurisdiction is, in most cases, based on the location of the business (the address of the gaming site operator).
online-casinoIt is quite uncommon for a government of a country to explicitly forbid its citizens to use the services of online gambling operators. Yet, we strongly advise, as said earlier, that, if you wish to gamble online, you get familiar with the relevant laws and other statutes of the country or region where you reside because breaking the law, even if unknowingly, is still considered breaking the law. Some countries have very strict rules concerning this area, others not so, and some operators are required to uphold to very harsh standards of business and others are much more relaxed in terms of this. You should be aware of these facts and consider using the services of operators from the jurisdictions which have more developed and systematic rules concerning online gambling, for your own security.

Online Gaming Law

Today there are around 70 countries in the world which allow online gambling. There are many kind of online gambling, some of which are considered legal in some countries, and some are prohibited. These varieties include casino games, like roulette, blackjack and slots, then various kinds of poker, a very developed field of sports betting and different kinds of bingo games. To conclude, there are legal issues concerning online casinos and it is important to know that regulation differs from country to country and it is up to the user to understand the legality of his actions based on the jurisdiction and regulative of his residence.

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