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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Online Casino, Online Casino Games, Smartphone Poker |

Playing smartphone poker

Playing smartphone poker

There are many ways of playing online casino games. One of the latest innovations is smartphone online casino games.  Yes you can play it online while sitting in your chair at home. There are some good things about this and some bad. Here are some of them.

iphone-pokerBest thing when it comes to smPokerartphones playing casino games is that you can play them anywhere in the world. When compared to a large Pc or laptop then size can prove very useful. Playing the poker on your iOS for instance is excellent because every game runs on iOS really smoothly, especially if you play online roulette, then your enjoyment it maximized. When it comes to poker apps, they all are running very good on iOS. Graphics are great and audio effects are magnificent. Playing mobile pokies on android the feel of game is a little bit different.

On both iStore and Google Play store you can download good apps for poker. They are mostly made for fun playing only but you can put real money in it. Apps for real money playing can be found on sites for online gambling. If you are playing on PC, then you should download software for it.

Anyway, these apps are great for playing online casino games and all phone systems are supported. Some phones have flash player support and that means that their owners can gamble directly from browser without any needed downloads. Some of the apps for phones are better than those made for PC.

545188_Mobile-Monday-Bonus-at-Betfair-Casino-2Gambling is easier if you play these games on PC or on laptop. PCs are larger and that means that you are feeling more comfortable while playing. Bad thing when it comes to smartphones is that there is no way of playing for some who has big fingers. This is very bad thing. You can make some mistake and this can cost you a lot. The other problem is that playing tournaments or games which lasts longer is almost impossible to finish without the battery charger. Battery drains itself very easily. Think again when you are considering this type of playing because you don’t want that phone shuts itself when you are about to win a great pot.

Screens on phones are sometimes so small that you cannot see your money standing and that can be catastrophic for you.  It is relaxing and better for someone to play poker on their iPhone but generally it is always safer to play on PC.

Of course, I must mention that enjoying is at the same level. It is most important to play poker and you will have fun no matter on what device you play.

Here are some good and bad things when it comes to playing online casino games on smartphone. You should decide yourself on which platform will you play. Gambling is very fun and enjoyable in every aspect so just enjoy in it. You will need a little bit of luck and you can become a rich man.

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